Stephen Brackett is a green haired boy that goes to the 30th story. He wears a polo shirt and jeans to school but on special days he picks semi strange outfits. He is Jason's best friend. Apparently, according to the first book, Stephen is the leader of the class. He doesn't have a pet so on Pet day he brought an orange to school, put it in a cage so it wouldn't escape, and named it Fido. He just loves the holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas.


1. Mrs. Gorf: In the story of Mrs. Gorf, Stephen was scared and then he cried and Mrs. Gorf turned him into an apple because she didn't allow crying in the classroom. Stephen is later seen as apple talking very quietly to John and Joe.

8. Myron: In the story of Myron, Stephen was made class president after Myron. He appears to have not known how to turn on the lights until after a week when Myron showed him.

22. The Three Eric's: In the story of The Three Eric's, Stephen said hi to Eric Bacon but he didn't answer and neither did the other two Eric's. But when Stephen said "Fatso," Eric Bacon said hi. Later when Eric Fry dropped the ball, Stephen it was what you'd expect from "Butterfingers."

26. Terrence: In the story of Terrence Harding, Stephen playing spud with Calvin, Joe, John, and Leslie. He was IT. When Terrence asks if he can play Stephen says sure and that newcomers are IT, despite the fact that everyone playing neglected. Stephen explained Terrence how to play and when he yelled a million and kicked to ball over the fence. Stephen asked what he did that for only for Terrence to call him a warthog and telling him to eat a frog, this made Stephen run and tell Louis. Later when Louis says has something for Terrence he says that whatever Stephen says goes and Stephen says let him have it.

28. Nancy: In the story of Mac (30th Story), Stephen said he was to Mrs. Jewels meaning he wanted to trade names with her. But it turns out that no one in the class likes his name so it is unknown who he traded with. In the end, Stephen kept his own name.

29. Stephen: First focusing story

30. Louis: In the story of Louis, Stephen asks how he's strange. He says normal and checks that with Joe.

6. Science, Geography, etc.: Stephen

8. True or False: Stephen was given a test where it says that both statements are false. One of them is true and the other is false or vice versa.

4. Homework: When Mac was telling his story about losing his socks Stephen mention he once