Miss Shirly Zarves is the nonexistent teacher on the 19th story. But due to alternate reality she is a tall skinny lady with very short hair.


7. Calvin, In the story of Calvin, Miss Zarves is first mentioned by Mrs. Jewels. Calvin knows for a fact that there is no Miss Zarves. In the end Calvin delivers the note which told Miss Zarves not to meet Mrs. Jewls at lunch.

19. Miss Zarves: First focusing story

1. A Package for Mrs. Jewls: Louis mentions Miss Zarves when she quickly goes from the 18th story to the 20th story while he's delivering a package to Mrs. Jewels.

19. A Bad Case of the Sillies: Allison tells the viewers that Miss Zarves does not exist then wonders if there is no 19th story than the 30th story should really be the 29th story. Later Miss Zarves appears for the very first time stepping out of her classroom. She was very bothered that Allison was shouting that the school was a fish market. But when she heard that something was wrong in Mrs. Jewls's class from Allison, she offers her to come in. She then introduces herself as Miss Zarves and welcomes her to the 19th story.

19. A Wonderful Teacher: Miss Zarves first appears telling Ray Gunn to not talk then tells him along with the rest of the class to write alphabetize all the numbers from one to a million.