[[File:Placeholder|thumb|300Nancy (born Nancy) Hankins is a boy on the 30th story with big hands and big feet. He sits in the window corner of the room behind John. His girlfriend Nancy (23rd Story), who goes to Mr. Franklin's class on the 23th story, is how got his new name Mac. He was originally very quiet and shy but now he interrupts the class with stories that usually makes no sense. Although Mrs. Jewls is the only one who minds. But overall Mac is still very nice.


1. Mrs. Gorf: In the story of Mrs. Gorf, Nancy first appears when he says "god bless you" to Paul. He is turned into an apple for that.

17. John: In the story of John, Nancy (and Calvin) help him stand on his head by holding him in place. Later when Calvin left to get a book for John, Nancy lost his grip and John fell flat on his face.

28. Nancy: First focusing story

30. Louis: In the story of Louis, Mac tells Louis he'll eat dirt if they put enough ketchup on it.

6. Science, Geography, etc.: Mac uses his birth name on his geography test, that's Nancy, where he only got one problem wrong. Question 3, he said Tennesee but the correct answer was Alaska. The question was where Mrs. Jewls's cousin Arthur go to every Labor Day.

4. Homework: Second focusing story

5. Another story about socks: Mac brings up his story about socks to Bob and when Bob correctly guessed it Mac's mouth dropped open.

9. Mush: When Leslie thinks that mushroom surprise tastes good Mac disagrees. He says that it's a surprise if you don't die.

14. Calvin's Big Decision: Mac says that Calvin's tattoo of a potato is the worst tattoo is the world.

28. Valooosh: When Jenny talks about how Myron could blackmail Mrs. Jewls, Mac says that makes sense.

29. The Lost Ear: Mac brings up a story about a hippie who got his ear cut off, but that story turns out to be a fake because Mark Miller (19th Story) has the ear.

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