Louis is the yard teacher at Wayside School. He has a red face and a mustache of many colors. His job is to pass out the green, red, and yellow balls at lunch and recess, to make sure that the kids don't kill each other, and not have too much fun.he helped calvinAnd May be based of Louis Sachar. He Might Have a Crush on Mrs.Jewls

Reputation Edit

Louis is known for his kindness, generosity, and fairness to the students at Wayside School.

Roles Edit

1. Mrs. Gorf: In the story of Mrs. Gorf, Louis is first seem on the playground wondering where the children were. He heard Mrs. Gorf was a mean teacher and came up to investigate. When he saw the twelve apples on Mrs. Gorf's desk, he thought he wouldjlj notice Mrs. Gorf was gone. He stomach growled so he ate an apple which was really Mrs. Gorf.

4. Sharie: In the story of Sharie, Louis noticed Sharie falling. He was on the other side of the playground. He ducked under the volleyball net, hurtled past the kickball field, hopped over the hopscotch court, climbed through the monkey bars, sped across the grass, and caught her just before she hit the ground. Sharie woke up and was angry that Louis woke him up but eventually forgave him, then Louis carried her back up the thirty flights of stairs.

6. Bebe: In the story of Bebe, Louis noticed Bebe running home and asks where she's going. Then he asks if she's going to show it to him tomorrow.

7. Calvin: In the story of Calvin, Louis threw Calvin the basketball.  When Calvin missed, he tipped it in.