Kathy Zore is a bad girl on the 30th story. She doesn't like anybody but has her reasons (or really created excuses) for that. She hates good things but loves bad things. She hates D.J. the most. Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Zore are rich and buy Kathy lots of presents.


1. Mrs. Gorf: In the story of Mrs. Gorf, Kathy comes to school late and as soon as she walked through the door she is turned into an apple. Later she followed Todd bopping Mrs. Gorf.

4. Sharie: In the story of Sharie, Kathy is annoyed by he sleeping and snoring. She tells Mrs. Jewels about it but she said thats just her learning. When Sharie tossed and turned her feet on top of Kathy's desk, Kathy screamed.

9. Maurecia: In the story of Maurecia, Kathy is first mentioned by Maurecia saying she's the only one who doesn't like her. Kathy then says Maurecia flavored ice cream tastes terrible. When Maurecia says she likes everybody except Kathy she said that Kathy flavored ice cream tasted like old bologna, that made Kathy grip.

16. D.J.: In the story of D.J., Kathy first smiled when she saw Jason very upset. Then Kathy struggled not to laugh with the rest on the class but she couldn't help and just burst out laughing.

20. Kathy: First focusing story.

30. Louis: In the story of Louis, Kathy says that his story was stupid.

6. Science, Geography, etc.: Kathy took a word usage test

3. Bebe's baby brother: Kathy gripes why Dameon always gets to do everything. Mrs. Jewls offers her to pass out homework but Kathy grumped saying she's not her slave.

7. Freedom: Kathy asks Myron if Oddly is there again and calls it dumb. When Myron says Oddly is free, Kathy calls Myron and birdbrain

11. Kathy and D.J.: Second focusing story with D.J.

14. Calvin's Big Decision: Kathy suggested that Calvin should get a dead rat for a tattoo.

18. The Substitute: Kathy actually pleaded Mrs. Franklin to say she will come back tomorrow.

28. Valooosh: Kathy danced with D.J. When they all shouted "HEY!" Kathy kicked D.J. in the rear end. When they all came back, Kathy said (in Mrs. Waloosh's accent) that dance class was vonderful.

30. Wayside School is Falling Down: Kathy is super glad when Wayside School is rocking back and forth from the wind. She thought it was going to fall down. Once in the chapter she sang her favorite song only to be interrupted by Stephen. In the end Wayside school didn't fall down leaving Kathy disappointed. She later received a paper to go to a different school (Monster High) until all the cows are out of Wayside School.