Joe Curlew is boy on the 30th story. He has fifty-five thousand and six curly hairs on his head. He's has strange math methods. He couldn't count until one day when he woke up he counted all the hairs on his head. He is John's best friend. He is one of the very few people who likes some of Miss Mush's cooking without any changes.


1. Mrs. Gorf: In the story of Mrs. Gorf, Joe first appears worried that if he answers a problem wrong he'll get turned into an apple. So he copied from John, but the next day Mrs. Gorf caught him and Joe got turned into an apple. After school, Joe is talking quietly to John and Stephen. On Friday, Joe follows Todd bopping in Mrs. Gorf as an apple.

3. Joe: focusing story

9. Maurecia: In the story of Maurecia, Joe flavored ice cream was broguht the next day after Maurecia flavored ice cream was brought in. Joe thought that it had no taste but Maurecia loved it. That day Maurecia only liked Joe.

17. John