Eric Ovens was a short (although he doesn't really appear short in the illustrations) and fat boy in Mrs. Jewls class. he is one of the three Erics. He is clumsy, but yet the nicest person in Mrs. Jewls class. He treats everyone equally and always has a kind word to say. But everyone thinks he's mean due to the other Eric's being mean. It's proof is the 22. The Three Eric's where he says something nice to Allison but she tells him to layoff.


1. Mrs. Gorf:  In the story of Mrs. Gorf, Eric Ovens first appears laughing at her when she tripped over a piece of chalk, the other two mean Erics laughed.  All three of them were turned into apples for that.  Eric later follows Todd on Friday to bop on Mrs. Gorf's head.  

12. Jason: In the story of Jason, Eric Ovens (along with the other Erics) was asked to pull Jason from his seat.  He later began to take Jason away until Joy intervenned