Deedee Bogane is a mousy looking girl on the 30th story. She loves sports. Her voice is small but with alot of energy, like a super ball. She's always trying to get a green or red ball from Louis. She is also good friends with him, Deedee even called him her best friend. She is said to have a crush on Ron.


9. Maurecia: In the story of Maurecia, Deedee is offered by Todd to try some Maurecia flavored ice cream. After some slight hesitation she says it's delicious.

15. Deedee: focusing story

16. D.J.: In the story of D.J., Deedee says "aw come on" to D.J. to tell the class why he's so happy.

21. Ron: In the story of Ron, Deedee tells Ron to get out of here then Jason tells him to scram. Then when Ron and Louis are teamed up Deedee says they'll team will murder them. Deedee later tagged Ron out. The next day Deedee and Jason's lines are swapped.

27. Joy: In the story of Joy, Deedee gets blamed for eating Dameon's apple, when really Joy just put his apple core on her desk. Deedee comes in just when Mrs. Jewels puts her name on the board leaving Deedee confused. But she was good for the rest of the day so at 2 o'clock Mrs. Jewls erased her name and Deedee forgot about the whole thing.

28. Nancy: In the story of Mac (30th Story), Deedee didn't appear physically but she appeared to traded names with Joe. In the end, Deedee keeps her own name.

30. Louis: In the story of Louis, Deedee says the being turned into an apple is a part of growing up.

5. Recess: Deedee chooses basketball as long as there are a total of three players.