Calvin Kake is a big round faced boy on the 30th story. He has a potato tattoo on his left ankle that he got for his birthday. He a little knows about how nonexistent things work. He is the slowest draw in class and is Bebe Gunn's best friend and assistant. He sat at the closest desk to Mrs. Jewls.


2. Mrs. Jewls: In the story of Mrs. Jewels, Calvin first says that he doesn't want a banana because he's not a monkey. So Mrs. Jewls gives him a bag of peanuts which he actually didn't mind because he liked peanuts. Later Calvin adds while eating the peanuts that if the children were monkeys they'd know that.

6. Bebe: In the story of Bebe Gunn, Calvin introduces himself. He explains that it would take him the whole period to draw one airplane so he helps Bebe and does so. The next day they broke the all time record, three hundred and seventy-eight pictures. They laid on Calvin's desk. Mrs. Jewls thought Calvin made them but Calvin declines explaining everything. Calvin is proud of everything until Mrs. Jewls doesn't agree. She explained that the quality matters not the quantity. This made Bebe run out the door after she threw all her picturs from Calvin's desk in the garbage. Calvin says that she thought he pictures were good then he reach into the garbage pail and took out a crumpled-up picture of an airplane.

7. Calvin: First focusing story

13. Rondi: In the story of Rondi Feener, Calvin tells Todd to tell Rondi not to tell her joke again (which she didn't tell in the first place).

17. John: In the story of John Lipscomber, Calvin helps John by holding him in place with Nancy. Then he went to get a book John that made John fall.

26. Terrence: In the story of Terrence Harding, Calvin is playing spud with Joe, John, Leslie, and Stephen. Calvin then tells Terrence he'll kick the ball over the fence so he doesn't let him play but Stephen does.