(We see big feet tapping under a desk the camera goes up to the feet belonging to a boy with big hands)

Nancy : Hi my name is, uhhhh, Nancy Hankins. Ugh!

John: What's wrong Nancy?

Nancy: I don't like my name, it's odd.

John: Why?

Nancy: It's a girl's name.

John: No it's not, none of us thinks it's a girl's name or a boy's name. Nancy's just the name of the quiet kid with big hands and big feet who sits in this corner of the room next to me.

Nancy: Yeah, well I think it's a girls name.

John: Ok. (The bell rang for recess and Nancy continues down the stairs)

Nancy: I'm very quiet and shy. I'm ashamed of my name. In fact, I only have one friend. It's a girl that goes to the 23rd story of the school. Oh look, there she is right now. Hey, you! (He calls to a girl with red hair and freckles)

The girl: You! (She runs over to Nancy then they start to walk around)

Nancy: We're friends for a good reason. I don't know her name and she doesn't know mine. We just call each other "Hey, you" or just plain "You." I'm afraid to ask my friend her because I might have to tell her my name. I could never figure out why she doesn't ask me my name. But I'm happy to just leave well enough alone.