(Deedee is sitting at her desk)

Deedee: This story contains a problem and a solution. My named is Deedee Bogane and I'm a mousy looking kid. Unlike most people at Wayside School, I like Recess more than Spelling.

(The bell rang)

Mrs. Jewels: Time for Recess, class.

Deedee: As soon as the bell rang I'd jump from my seat and run out the door.

(She did so while she was saying above)(Deedee is jumping fast down the stairs but you can see multiple big signs that say "NO JUMPING DOWN THE STAIRS")

Deedee: I know what you're thinking. There are big signs that say "NO JUMPING DOWN THE STAIRS" but I never seem to notice them. Some kids take 2 steps at a time. I take 10 at a time. It's funny, I never seem to be in hurry on the way back up.

(Deedee made it out of the building and cut the grass ignore the sign that says "NO CUTTING ACROSS THE GRASS" that was right next to her)

Deedee: I know, I know that other sign says "NO CUTTING ACROSS THE GRASS" but I must not ever see that sign either.

(Deedee is running towards Louis)